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Hello, my name is Kiril Kanev. I’m currently doing webdesign. With the following lines I will introduce you my story, how I reached and chose
the profession of a web designer with the WordPress platform. It all started in 2012 when I decided to become a photographer. With this profession I started the a very long and insanely difficult five-year period. During which time he made three professional reorientation that totally drained all the strength and desire for the struggle I had in myself. I was doing photography for a little over two years. During this period I laid the foundations of my unlimited patience for doing so the well-earned career development. No matter how hard I have been trying to do, there has been almost no progress. I realized that my compatriots are not falling much of photography, and the niche I liked for development (making collages) had no ground in our country. So looking for the right path for yours professional development has reached graphic design. I have been experimenting for several months, making calendars, business cards, pre-printed newspaper design. I was applying for a job for a graphic designer, but the conditions were to have a minimum of five years of experience and I did not get real interviews. I understand there is graphic designers who design web sites. I studied things and I really liked this direction of development, but alas again did not get things done. I did graphic design of several web sites and asked a friend who worked in a major software company over five years as a front-end developer to me tell your opinion at what level I am. In a few days, he told me that he had examined them, the graphics apparently laughed at the lack of experience, but this is actually the smallest My problem. I clarified that just as a graphic designer, no software company will hire me. I have to be able to work flawlessly with HTML5, CSS3, Java Script bootstrap, MSQL to understand a good level of programming languages ​​like Php, C #, Java. For me, all of these terms sounded like extraterrestrials on another planet. I was directed to the best place to study them at the Software University in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. So on 17.01.2016 after successfully passing the entrance exam in Programming Basics with C # accepted me as a student. In the first half of the year I was studying Java fundamnetals, Java OOP Basics, Java OOP Advance, and I realized that this was too difficult for me. I moved to the second half of the year to study the Java Script scripting language. Here things got better. In parallel with this module, I also recorded the Web Fundamentals module (HTML / CSS) – August 2016. This module also took a very good result, and I realized that no matter how much I dreamed of becoming a real back-end developer, I did not have such great intellectual abilities to achieve it. That’s why I turned to front-end developer modules. In the beginning of 2017, I decided to try the PHP language for the last time and I saved the PHP Web module after I did it, a colleague recommended me to pass a module for WordPress and with the beginning of the module I realized that at last after long wandering and probing I found the right programming language and the platform for myself. So at the moment I develop and experiment as a WordPress specialist.